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*Remember that you have our real-time chat at your disposal to ask us any questions or answer any questions.

*Remember that you have our real-time chat at your disposal to ask us any questions or answer any questions.


In our beginners surf lessons we will teach you from scratch, you don’t need previous experience but motivation and self-confidence.

The initiation classes are one of our students’ favorite options, since they are one of the best ways to learn and share the experience with other people… and above all to make new friends who are also starting out.

Classes last 2 hours. The equipment is of the highest quality and conditioned so that your first contact with surfing is risk-free; softboards (semi-rigid foam board and fins), booties to get in and out of the water easily and neoprene to maintain body temperature.

For those who are looking for a quick and guided advancement of their skills we recommend taking one of our class packs. They will thus be able to benefit from a better price and optimal learning.

From adults over 16 years.

Try surfing with us! We will wait for you.

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A service designed for those who want to try surfing for the first time or improve their skills on the board through the knowledge and exclusive attention of our professional instructors.

Within our private classes we cover surfing, bodyboarding and adapted surfing. There is no impediment that does not allow you to enjoy the sea and the waves.

The main advantages of a private class are in the speed of learning, the increase of your confidence in the water and the answer to all the doubts that may arise during the session.

Our instructors are dedicated teachers, love surfing, and are passionate about teaching. They will make you feel very comfortable, they will show you the great potential you have and they will not keep any secrets of this incredible sport.

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Carving surf skate THE BEST TRAINING for surfing.

In recent years, surfskate has become an indispensable part of any surfer’s quiver and a teaching tool in surf schools.

It helps us improve balance, coordination and teaches you to adopt the correct posture on the surfboard. For more advanced surfers it is also a key exercise since it contributes to perfecting technique, style and helps to chain the maneuvers with greater fluidity and power.

At K16 we are lucky to have two instructors who are high-level skaters… So you are guaranteed a class with two true professionals.

Come try one of our Surfskate lessons!

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Every year at the beginning of summer we start our famous surf school for children up to 14 years old.

After a school year, our little ones deserve to enjoy their vacations and summer to the fullest… and what better way than surfing?

Since 2003, K16 surf school offers children a specific program focused on teaching surfing as a sport and knowledge of the natural environment. This year with more space, we have expanded our offer from summer school to summer camp.

Don’t let your child miss out… Sign him up for our kids’ surf camp.

Surf is life!


Our summer camp 2023 has already started.

Do not miss the opportunity for your children to have a great time this summer!

Contact us through the chat and we will send you all the information in addition to answering any questions you may have.

We recommend making your reservations well in advance.

Surf is life!

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Official school of the Canarian Surfing Federation


For the smallest of the family, those who are our weakness and we want the best for them.

Children up to 8 years old. From those who started to walk to those who already know how to swim; We want to introduce you to the world of the sea, waves, the beach, its games and especially surfing.

We guarantee that parents will be amazed at what they are capable of doing and learning in such a short time. We instructors, who like all of us feel stress in our work, with them it is the opposite. They infect us with joy and enthusiasm, because from here the foundations of our wonderful sport begin.

They will not regret enrolling their children in the best surf school for children in Tenerife.

Surf is life!

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* Open every day from 09:00 to 20:00

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